Thank you Jenny!!!

Today Onward Willow said not goodbye, but see you later to Jenny Mitchell and CFRU Community Mobile Station. We have had to pleasure to work with Jenny to capture some of Onward Willow’s best stories.  

Now if you missed your chance to share your story at Onward Willow you can always stop by the CFRU station at Guelph University and make some radio.You can also catch  any missed Onward Willow Radio episodes as well as the other neighbourhood group stories simply by tuning in here:

PLUS!!! Keep your eyes open for the soon to be launched Micro stations setting up at selected Neighbourhood group. 

I would like to once again thank Jenny for being a part of the Onward Willow Family for the past few months. We loved having you and can’t wait to work with you again in the future!! To book an appointment to share your story with Jenny please email:

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