GNSC needs your vote!!

@OnwardWillow is part of the GNSC. We see food insecurity on a daily basis, and how it effects the families and children  in our neighbourhood. We do our best to support, but are unable to provide the fresh produce that most families need.

A project like this would give families more ways to access fresh foods for themselves and children. Please show your support and vote!!

We are part of a coalition of organizations (Chalmers Community Services, HOPE House, University of Guelph Food Bank, Neighbourhood Groups, North End Harvest Market, and small food pantries) working together to create a community cold storage and distribution hub called The POD. 16.4% of Guelph is food insecure. That is an alarming number. The POD will allow us buy collectively, and ask for and receive large scale donations of fresh food. We will then be able to get more fresh food to more people who need it. The POD will have hundreds of volunteers connected at all levels of the work.

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