The People In Your Neighbourhood



Oh, who are the people in your neighbourhood,
in your neighbourhood,
in your neighbourhood?
Say, who are the people in your neighbourhood?
The people who will greet
when you walk in from the street.
They’re the people who you’ll meet each day!

The Front Desk volunteers who will greet you are Tammy, Ryan, Brenda, Justin, Barb, Nicole & Mike.

Our Clothing Room is kept replenished and tidy by Majorie, Azar, Denise, Fatima, Betty-Anne, Sandi and the amazing Community Living & Torchlight teams.

Other volunteers who are a great help around the centre include Dennis, Stacey, Carrie, Bob, Cheng, Kaeng, Melanie.

Our Neighbourhood Support Worker is Susie Stauffer

The Neighbourhood Group Assistant is Shauna Brown